How many blueprints will I need?

We have created a helpful check list to assist you in your home plan purchase.



     (Usually requires 4 sets)

     One as a legal document

     One for inspection

     Two for tradesmen and subcontractors

___Building Permit

     (May require 2 sets)

___Mortgage Source

     (Usually requires one set for conventional mortgage)

     Two sets for FHA mortgage

     Three sets for VA mortgage

___Subdivision Committee

     (Usually requires one set)

___Total Sets Needed


Plans Include:

Artist’s rendering of completed job, concrete slab foundation plan, (alternate crawl space plan available by checking appropriate space

on order form), floor plan with electrical outlets location, four exterior elevations, cabinet details and elevations, wall sections, fireplace and

stair details where needed, special details and roof plans where required, and material specification forms listing our recommendations for

material and equipment.

Plans Do Not Include:

Heating plans: because of regional differences in climate and variations in building codes. These plans are available through one of your

local licensed subcontractors.

Reverse Plans:

There is a charge for Reverse Plans. All Reverse Plans read correctly and are not mirror images. See price schedule on order form for


Other Services:

All of the plans on this website are computer generated. Minor changes and modifications usually can be made quickly and economically.

We offer complete design and drafting services for all of our clients. Should changes become necessary to one of our stock plans, please

feel free to contact us toll free at 601-594-1259 and we will be happy to quote you a price for changing the plan or custom design your

new home for you. Feel free to call us at the above number for rate information or any additional material you may need.


Payment should be made by check, draft, postal or express money order and should accompany your order form. For your convenience,

we also accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover & American Express.

Return Policy:

No refunds or returns are accepted. Be sure to check your exterior dimensions and square footage before ordering plans.